New Releases

At Target, we are always working on new releases to meet the needs of food service distributors.

Learn more about our latest updates, features, and products.

July 2015

New Product: Pallet Loader System

The Pallet Loader System tracks pallets by scanning onto trucks during Truck Loading. Pallet Loader:

  • Directs loaders to the correct truck for the pallet on their pallet Jack.
  • Allows management to track the productivity of their Pallet Loaders.
  • Shows managers how many pallets per hour are being loaded.
  • Eliminates Pallets left on the dock.
  • Notifies invoice printing personnel that there are still pallets not loaded.

With the Pallet Loader System, you will be able to generate unique truck barcode labels. This label will be placed on the door of the truck for scanning. The new labels will be integrated into your specific Pallet Pick Program.

The RF Scanner will read the new Pallet barcode. The screen will show truck loading personnel what truck to place the pallet on.

The new TruckLoad No Scan Screen shows any pallet that has not been scanned onto the truck for each Route. The No Scan Report report will show any pallet not scanned onto a truck.

For each loader, an activity report shows times of each truck label scan and pallet label scan.



April 2015

New Feature: Billback Email

On the Billback Menu, after releasing a billback, the system will offer the option to Email the Invoice. If the email is selected,

  • An automatic new Billback Invoice will be created.
  • An automatic CSV file of the backup will be attached.
  • An automatic PDF file of the backup will be attached.
  • The new Billback will be sent to the email address under Vendor Maintenance.
  • A copy of the Invoice and Backup will be sent to a standard email address.

New Capabilities:

  • New Billback Invoice Form that is email-friendly.
  • New field in Vendor Supplemental screen. Allow a Vendor Billback email address.
  • New directory for storing Billback Emails.



February 2015

New Product: Equipment Loan to Customers Billing System

Distributors often sell large pieces of equipment such as ranges and refrigerators to their customers. This new system allows the release of monthly or weekly bills to customers for a large piece of Equipment.

For example, a dish washer is sold for $10,000.

  • An interest rate is identified.
  • A payment term is identified.
  • The income is booked at the time of the sale.
  • Calculate monthly payment, given $10,000 over 3 years at 5%.
  • Release monthly invoices for Principal Plus Interest.
  • Don’t book principal each month, only book Interest.

The system includes a standard amortization module for payment calculation and a payment history screen.

  • Calculate Interest Payment on the new interest payment screen.
  • View customer payment history and show equipment history.
  • New release capability to create monthly invoices.
  • Early payment by the customer will not affect the outstanding balance or the monthly payments due calculation.



 January 2015

New Product: Cold Storage Billing System

The Cold Storage Billing System accepts customers product, maintains lots for customer drop off, and produces monthly billing for items stored in Cold Storage.

The system keeps an independent inventory of Cold Storage items and keeps accurate records to bill customers for products stored.

  • Use the Cold Storage Billing System to bill customers for monthly storage fees and additional charges.
  • Generate a billing report and Customer Invoices if required.
  • Transfer ownership of items in bins.

Generate Pick Documents:

  • Generate receiving documents with receiving labels for cold storage customer to drop off product.
  • Determine which lots are about to expire.
  • Determine bin that product is in.