New Targetnet

The Target Internet Ordering System provides a streamlined, user-friendly interface your customers can use to enter orders and gather information. The new TargetNet provides a cost-effective link that your customers can use to directly enter orders onto your Target System. We will be happy to provide an online demo of the Target Web System to show your company the capabilities of the Web Order Entry System at your convenience.

Distributor’s order entry costs are estimated between $25 and $100 per order for in house order taking personnel. By allowing customers to enter their own orders, you significantly decrease your order taking costs and increase customer satisfaction.

Email Order Confirmations to Customer

  • Auto email confirmations to your customers
  • Save Customer Email address in the customer record
  • Customer may enter their own email address

Email Order Confirmations to Customer

Invoice Confirmation

Additional Item Information Page including Vendor Data Sheet

More Features

  • Price Changes in Target are automatically reflected in TargetNet
  • Customers can view up to date A/R
  • Customer can view historical Item Purchases
  • Customer can view all Invoices and Details for the last year
  • Real time item availability can be turned off or on
  • Download Statements and Item History to Excel

New POD Delivery System Signature Display

  • Any signature loaded from the POD Device is available for viewing on the Invoice Detail Screen
  • Customers may look up their own accepted signatures
  • View Person who Signed for Invoice
  • Delivery Date
  • Delivery Time

Order Guides

  • Ability for Customer’s to create their own custom order guides
  • No Need to Create and Maintain Order Guides
  • Chain Order Guides
  • All order guides load from Target Host to Web automatically