Salesrep Laptop System

Target’s Salesrep Laptop System makes it easy to help your clients manage their own business. Screens are always customizable to show only the information that users want to show.


  • Allows for direct connection, air card, phone line, and real time updates.


  • Features a Google-like word search.
  • Corrects frequently misspelled words like ‘chicken’.
  • Searches by brand, item name, number, or manufacturer code.

Item Detail

  • Simplifies items with green for notes, blue for price increase, and red for price decrease.
  • Shows availability on hand.
  • Show or hide costs.

Order Confirmation

  • Includes out and subs.
  • Includes daily summary.
  • Includes review order confirmation.

Price Detail

  • Includes current and accurate last margin pricing, contract pricing, markup pricing, and chain pricing (chain owners can price multiple locations at the same time OR adjust specific locations).
  • Shows green for flyer special.
  • Shows price minus deal.
  • Shows last price paid.

Order Detail

  • Provides the ability to send notes to drivers or pickers.
  • Allows requests for customer returns.
  • Multiple order guides.

Order Management

  • Push list.
  • Shows suggested related items.
  • Can create contract from manual price.
  • Offers the choice of cost level to display.
  • Transmits corrected orders.
  • Automatically adjusts orders to keep inventory at desired level.
  • Hot keys for one-touch ordering.
  • Customer order guides.
  • Customer call schedule.
  • Allows customers to schedule a product return during the next delivery (instead of calling customer service or scheduling a pickup).


  • Gives detailed AR drill down.
  • Prints AR statement.
  • Enters AR received.


  • Shows or hide commissions.
  • Sorts by order or by item.

Customer Value Added

  • Menu costing.
  • Displays customer inventory.
  • Sets a customer’s desired amount of inventory (par-level).