Billback is Target Data’s Deal and Rebate Management System. It is an add-on to the Target Core and is fully integrated with all other Target systems. Billback is updated with them in real time.


  • View costs, sales, deals and true profit in real time.
  • Record deal specifics such as how much, when, and to what accounts. Generate deal invoices on command (no more counting!).
  • Provides detailed customer sales report, listing every sales invoice line by line, to ensure payment on deals.
  • Bill them for their deal or request a discount of the same amount.
  • No need for separate books or outside systems. Simply enter it once and move on.
  • Store an unlimited amount of history, even years.
  • Stores vendor A/R separate from regular A/R. No loss of income.
  • Track deals in two ways, quantity purchased from vendor OR quantity sold to customers.