Target Hub

The Target Hub System is an easy to use intuitive business intelligence tool accessible on your mobile device 24/7.

  • Sales data is flexibly available by 18 metrics: Salesrep, Route, Delivery Stop, Brand, Product Line, Major Category, Minor Category, Item, Vendor, Buyer, Chain, Customer, Customer Zip, Order, Order Line, Credit Reason, SIC Code, and User.
  • Instantly presents top performers in each of 18 metrics to enhance focus on key performance areas.
  • Low performer presentation allows the sales team to isolate and address lost opportunities in each of 18 metrics, then drill down to Invoice Level Detail for specific examples.
  • CEO dashboard presents summary of business financial condition on a daily basis on your mobile device.
  • General Ledger data is available for financial analysis with drill down by G/L account.
  • Vendor and Buyer Performance data extend support to your purchasing department with metrics down to item levels.
  • Flexible comparisons between time periods support easy short term, season, and trend analysis.
  • Results may be directly downloaded to your Excel spreadsheet.
  • Repeat queries may be conveniently stored and retrieved for routine use.

First view your best performers. Then switch to “Pieces” or “Margin” with a simple click.

Pick up sales trends quickly by monitoring changes in items sales. Change your date range from Daily, MTD, or YTD or develop a custom selection. Then drill down to see the source of the change.