RF Warehouse System

Target Data’s RFII is an add-on to the Target Core. It is a radio-frequency barcode scanning system which automates the warehouse for accuracy and efficiency.


  • Receive by scanning Manufacturer Barcode.
  • Buyers inventory information is updated immediately in real time.
  • Out information is updated immediately in real time.
  • Never type in a UPC number again.
  • Records expiration dates at receiving.

Put away

  • For put away, pickers directed to the nearest bin with available space for maximum efficiency.
  • Records location and timestamp for every pallete movement in real time.
  • Know where every item is at all times.
  • Timestamps are specific to each employee.
  • Find out who the best employees really are by tracking their work.


  • View or print lists for products soon to expire.
  • Oldest products are dropped to pick bin automatically, unless directed otherwise.
  • The system recommends drops based on tonight’s orders PLUS typical history.


  • For picking, scanning eliminates every kind of error.
  • Get the right product, the right location, the right quantity, and the right job done every time.
  • When a picker grabs a wrong item, the gun beeps and doesn’t accept the item. Records weights automatically by scanning barcode, so there are no writing or weight errors.


  • Supervisors have an electronic list of unpicked items for each night. The list updates in real time as each item is scanned. When picking is finished, supervisors can see that the list is finished, or see exactly which items were missed.