Profitability Systems

Sheltered Income

  • The Sheltered Income system gives you the ability to automatically calculate Deals and Rebates from vendors. It is easy to look at your true profit when sheltered income money is subtracted from your costs.
  • The system accrues Dollar Discount, Percentage Discounts, Growth Programs, Exclude Customers, and many other features.
  • The system allows the user to: Create Deals or Rebates, Release Billbacks, Print Billback Invoices, Run the Vendor Billback Register, and Post Vendor Receipts.

True Cost Lot System

  • Know the exact cost of every individual lot in your inventory. No more “average cost” estimating.

Automated Cost Rolls

  • Automatically updates all costs and prices to your customers.
  • Prices are updated from current costing basis.
  • Controls timing of cost updates.
  • Never misses a cost increase.
  • Doesn’t require buyer interaction.

Cheese Cost Update

  • The Cheese Cost Roll moves all the items associated with Block Costs at the same time.
  • When the Block goes up half a cent, all your cheese items will go up half a cent.
  • Updates all your cheese items in one simple step.

Special Order System

The Special Order System will eliminate that $35,000 worth of unclaimed special order items in the back corner of the warehouse.

  • When a Special Order item is received an automatic order is created to ship the item on the customer’s next ship day or tomorrow.
  • Ties special orders and products to specific customers. Audit trail back to the original customer.
  • Eliminates unknown destination.
  • Orders are created without manual intervention.
  • At any time, print out a status of all special orders.