Special Systems

Manufacturing Module (for meat)

Target’s integrated Meat Processing System ensures that manufactured goods are taken into Distribution inventory with accurate cost and count.

  • Tracks multiple raw materials and multiple finished goods.
  • Keeps costs up to date by updating the value of manufactured products automatically. No need for manual processes.
  • Includes labor cost.
  • Keeps accurate yield group percentages.
  • Calculates Trim value.
  • Order Entry can view Processed Product on hand AND Raw Material product on hand.
  • View Processed Pounds Committed.
  • View the detail of every transfer including date, time, and customer sold-to.
  • Automatically generate Work-Orders for the cutting room all through the day. Identify items as processed, then cut tickets will print automatically any time the item is ordered.
  • Full route manifest.
  • Record Routine Maintenance.
  • Track and Schedules Maintenance on Vehicles and Equipment.
  • Tie Repair Invoices to the actual trucks.
  • Miles logged relates to Truck maintenance schedules.
  • Store Credit Back and Packaging Cost information for all cut items.
  • Print Cut Room tickets or labels directly to the Processing room printer.

Dispenser Asset Tracking System

  • Automates contract billing.
  • Tracks what the customer has purchased from you.
  • Tracks customer sales (timestamp, item specific).
  • Calculates profit and displays monthly revenue for each Dispenser Machine, Item and Location.
  • Ties dispenser products (Coffee, Detergent, Hot Dogs) to the Dispenser Machine.
  • Track sales of dispenser products for each customer with the Dispenser Machine.
  • Handles multiple warehouses or multiple companies.

Equipment Loan System

The Equipment Loan System allows distributors to release monthly or weekly bills to a customer for a large piece of Equipment.

  • Allows distributors to loan large pieces of equipment to their customers.
  • Calculates interest payment for the item.
  • Shows customer payment history and equipment history.
  • Creates monthly invoices.
  • Updates the Principal income to the GL in one transaction for the full principal amount. Interest income is updated to the GL when the monthly invoice is created.

Equipment Tracking

  • Often Distributors will loan a coffee machine to a Customer with the hopes that the Distributor can sell the Customer a lot of coffee. The Equipment Tracking System allows you to tie items to particular pieces of equipment.
  • You can then track how much product the customer purchased from you.
  • You can also look at your margins on these sales to determine the best customers to offer free coffee machines.